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(Archived) Chrome clipper: easy to miss the sync


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I have discovered that, when using Chrome clipper (Mac), if I click on anything while the rather long-running sync window is actively syncing, the sync doesn't happen. This can mean, clicking on the page I am syncing, another window, a tab, another app, or on anything at all. I have to wait and do nothing while the entire sync process occurs.

If this is how it works, I think that needs to be addressed. I worked for about an hour, only to discover that I had about 5 percent of the pages I had clipped.

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Unfortunately, that makes it a cumbersome tool for fast-paced research source capturing. My workflow is to cast a wide net by searching the web, clipping anything that seems to be of value into my inbox. For a short document of 2000-4000 words, this may be well over 100 or even 200 websites that are clipped in about an hour. I may then in another work session create my document outline by reviewing and discarding, and then organizing a tag tree that mirrors the outline. I may end up with 20-40 final source websites that I take into my writeup. (I may then digest those keeper sites through Topicmarks http://topicmarks.com/.)

While the Chrome clipper may work well when poking along, capturing a page here and there, I don't find it practical for intense searching sessions.

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