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Note loading on New version more laggy than Legacy?

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I finally threw in the towel & upgraded to v10, but I still notice the same old teething issues are still there. Most importantly, the SPEED of v10 is terrible compared to Legacy. When clicking on any note, Legacy shows it instantaneously without lag. V10 takes 0.5s to 1s (as evident by the spinning wheel) to load each note. I have an extremely high end system and this is just unacceptable. 

Just want to know if everyone else is experiencing the same, and if this is expected to change anytime soon? 

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Some of the lag is due to various hacks than EN uses to upgrade your notes, search indexes, etc. on the fly. I found that this conversion process is inconsistent, it will properly convert some parts of a note, convert other parts with significant errors (including loss of data or loss of formatting that was important for context), and leave other parts of the same note unconverted. Once your frequently accessed notes all all fully converted, you may notice a modest decrease in lag.

Some of the lag from early v. 10 releases was improved in more recent releases. So far, RTE has noticably increased my lag, and cause data loss and other problems, but if the past is any guide, it will become less laggy.

Overall, I would never expect EN to perform as well as it did when (for example) I started using it in 2011. They keep promising that it will, just be patient. It won't. Us users have to learn to live with this, or leave.

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As I understand it,  notes are kept on the server in a format that legacy can read easily.  To be opened in v10 they need to be converted on demand to a different format.  This should only happen once,  but presumably editing the note again in Legacy means it needs converting again.  AFIU (again) this had to be done this way 1) for backwards compatibility with legacy and 2) to avoid melting Evernote's servers - they are (or were 'till recently) the largest single holder of personal data in the world.  That's a LOT of conversions in one go.

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Are there any workarounds to force v10 to retrieve from my local database rather than the server? not sure if this still reduces the lag so it's similar to Legacy. 

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