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Continually Prompted to Select a Plan

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17 hours ago, shusseina said:

Hi, why is Evernote continually prompting me to upgrade?! 

Because Evernote is a business that needs to make a profit and Free plan users cost it money.

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27 minutes ago, shusseina said:

@agsteele Yep, we know it's a business and it needs to make money. We also know I didn't force Evernote to offer a free tier to its users. Wow, that's your best advice?!

Yes. You asked a question and I gave an explanation. Not saying I agree with the nags. Just why they are coming.

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@shusseina If it would take you to pay money, it would not meakly hide in the corner, with light grey letters.

It would be „in your face“ 🎉🥳🎁 

In the past what worked as well was to click to accept the offer promoted, and then break it off on the next page.

Free users will always have some nagging, subscribers as well as it seems ( 😒 ), but usually we can stop it at least for a little while.

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