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(Archived) Evernote icon disappearing in Safari



I use the "Add to Evernote" icon in my Safari toolbar. It has been working fine until I upgraded to Evernote 2.0. Now, whenever I shutdown Safari the Evernote icon is going when I restart it and I have to manually add it to the toolbar again. It does this every time. Any suggestions to fix this would be greatly appreciated.


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You could try:

Quit Safari

Open the Terminal application

Type this in the Terminal:

defaults delete com.apple.Safari

Run Evernote and go into the Clipper Preferences and make sure that our clipper is installed via that window.

Start Safari

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Thanks for the tip… deleted com.apple.Safari and restarted but still having the same problem. I added Evernote to my toolbar but when I restart Safari it is gone again.

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.


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