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I attached a 176MB video file to a note I created from my iPhone, but when I try to access it from other devices like a PC, the file appears to be attached, but the download link is not active. I also tried enabling sharing, but even when accessing it through the web version or the shared URL, the download link remains inactive. It seems to be active only within the Evernote application on the iPhone. Could the note be corrupted? Will the link become active if I wait? I exported logs and cheked it, but I couldn't find any clue about this.

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I had already tried reboot of PC and re-editing note and enabling share. After of them, its image is below




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Attaching a very large file to a note on a mobile device will likely take a long time to sync to the server.  Also the maximum note size is 200MB and getting close to this limit can cause problems with displays and downloads.  I suggest you allow 24 hours for the file to sync fully.  If you can access the same video file from your PC it may be quicker to download it from the original source rather than wait for the system to catch up.

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