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Just want card view

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I'm using 10.58.8 Mac version (system just updated).

I used to be able to set the home screen JUST to show notes as "cards".  No panel to the right showing the full note, JUST cards.  It doesn't appear I can do that anymore?  Please bring back!  Thank you

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11 hours ago, Jancar said:

I used to be able to set the home screen JUST to show notes as "cards".

Was this using the previous Legacy app?  Some things didn't translate across to the new version.  There is a feature request forum here where you can post the suggestion,  or you could simply use the feedback option in the mobile app.

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You can set the middle panel to cards, but you can't hide the right hand note section.

Design decision, like it or not.

If you don't like it, you can contact support.

Hint: When we talk about a "Home" screen in v10, we mean something entirely different from what you call your "Home" screen. Home in v10 is the new Start-dashboard that was added as one of the first distinguishing new features to v10 after launching it. Subscribers can modify it - maybe you find a setup there that creates more value to you than a screen full of tiny cards.

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Thanks for your response.  I was hoping that by posting here, someone would take note and perhaps fix it in a future version.  Help me understand why I would contact support (would definitely do so if there is some possibly of a change, but it sounds doubtful?). 

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EN staff will usually not come by here, and collect user wishes or requests. At least we have no indication this happens, except a few rare exceptions.

Contacting support is the one method to be sure an information has reached EN, and will be processed there. Processed does not mean they will implement it - the vast majority will be reviewed and then deleted from the Project Plan, not to be followed up. Requests of setting up something "like legacy" are not especially popular, because they can check the usage with legacy from user data, and identify if an issue has really been overlooked. For card view, I doubt it had many users in the legacy clients..

However posting in the forum, or searching for similar requests can be an indicator of how popular a specific request may be in general. I have bad news for you: From my experience, such a GUI change will usually not draw a crowd of supporters. And EN has not changed their new apps design since it was launched more than 30 months ago.

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