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Just intstalled Evernote 10.58.8 and now Epson scanner won't Scan to Evernote

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I updated from Legacy to the latest version (10.58.8) and now my once (pretty) reliable Epson ES-580W does not Scan to Evernote. It gives me the error message that I need to download the Evernote app, which is already installed. So I uninstalled and reinstalled both programs with the same result. As a workaround, I tried putting my scans in a sync folder. On both occasions it told me the files had downloaded to EN, but I couldn't find them, so I had to do it again before they finally showed up. And when they did show up, they did as multiple files that I had to merge in EN, which becomes pretty tedious. (Is there any solution to this issue too by the way?)

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Don’t scan right into an Import Folder.

The moment a file appears, it’s imported. If the scanners wants to produce a document with several pages, the Import Folder doesn’t know about it, and will grab the first file that appears. And then every updated version, until all pages are added. Worst case the scan gets damaged, when 2 file operations interfere.

Scan to an intermediate target (folder or scanning software), then save the completed file into an Import Folder.

About the other issue, contact EN support.

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Updated both Epson ScanSmart and Evernote to current versions and the relationship is indeed broken.  The custom actions screen no longer offers Evernote as an option.  Tests with send to Dropbox and saving to a local file did work.


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As described the best workflow is "Scan to folder", picking a folder that is NOT an import folder. Have everything done as you want it - like OCR, merging of separate scans into one file, etc.

Then open the "Save as" dialogue, give the new file a good name, which will as well serve as title of the new note. Save the completed file into an import folder that is connected to the notebook where you want it to go.

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1) Create a folder on your desktop. Name it "drop into evernote" (or something)

2) Open evernote>tools>settings>import folders>connect a folder (choose the folder you just created)

3)Scan>save as pdf or searchable pdf (make sure your folder selected is your "drop into evernote" folder)

It will import automatically into evernote within a few moments. You can delete anything from your import folder once it has synced with evernote. 

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Like those above, I struggled when I could no longer "scan to Evernote" from my Epson scanner. I looked and looked for a solution until I gave in and scanned to a PDF and then moved the PDF file to the Evernote folder of choice.

After doing this process for what seemed like an eternity, I decided today to see if a solution had been developed. I ran across this discussion and tried the suggestion of the import by todd1611. I am happy with how it works and grateful that I don't have to go through a bunch of manual steps just to get a file to Evernote. 

Thanks again!

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