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web clipper questions from a new user

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Basic web clipper questions from a new user!

 1) When I use web clipper, is it holding a static webpage that exists at that moment, or is it holding a dynamic webpage/URL that updates? For example, I might use web clipper to save an article about trees on January 1, and inside Evernote I highlight some sentences. On January 7, the author of the article adds a new paragraph to the online article. On January 25, I go back to the Note to reference my highlighted sentences. My question is: when I go back to the Note on January 25, will my Note be the same as it was when I saved it on January 1 OR will the URL refresh inside Evernote and now include the new paragraph that was added on January 7?

2) This question is sort of secondary to the question above. I have a digital subscription to The Atlantic. When I am logged in and reading subscriber-only articles, and I use the web clipper to save the article, it saves the whole article. My question is: will I be able to access it later on Evernote if I am NOT logged into The Atlantic? (I have already tried to save an article from my Atlantic ios app to Evernote on ios and it only captured the first two "free" paragraphs but I wondered if that might be because there isn't a specific app interface, and maybe browsers would be simpler.)

Thank you very much!

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The web clipper saves a close twin to the website clipped. Close twin because it tries to remove ads, and focus on the content. It is static - which means you can always access the clipped page, even when the content was later altered or removed.

It will save the URL as well. You can use it to go back to the actual page at the source, which may have been altered. The clipped page will not be touched by these later changes, it stays as it was (which is great for research or for documentation).

If you choose „bookmark“ from the web clipper options, no static page will be saved, all you get then is the link to the live page.

When clipping content behind a paywall, it will usually clip the content, and keep it accessible even when you may have terminated your website subscription later. The only problem: Some websites try to discourage clipping from behind the paywall. If you encounter such a problem, you can send a support ticket (EN subscribers only), and ask the web clipper team to solve the problem. It‘s cat & mouse with paywalled content, but most of the time it works. Once clipped, it is safely tucked away in your account.

The clipping function on iOS is NOT using the web clipper. Web clipper is a browser extension, and can’t be installed on the mobile Safari browser.

Usually the clipping on iOS produces satisfactory results, but not as good as the web clipper on a desktop browser. Especially paywalls play their tricks on the iOS clipping. EN has no influence on this part of the clipping, its done by iOS.

If it doesn’t work, you can do this: To clip a full page on iOS Safari, make a screenshot. Choose full page (instead of Screen) above the screenshot. This will create a pdf, usually a very long pdf. Save it, only place is „Files“. Then open EN, make a note, use the blue + and „Attach file“ to attach the file to the note. EN (if on a subscription) will OCR it, so you can search for the content. If you need the URL, you need to copy it manually, and insert it into the note.

Hope this answered your main questions. Good start, and welcome to the forum.

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