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Change local storage on a PC...




On the desktop version of the Evernote application, I am getting a dialog saying am running out of local storage place and to open up settings so that I may change the location of locally stored files. Upon doing so, I see no way to change any local directories or other way of carrying out this operation. Am I missing something?



P.S. not sure why this form says "Post New Idea" / "Submit Idea" when am posting under "Possible Bugs/Technical Issues > General Technical Issues".


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Even if changing the location is hard or impossible, just sharing that location in documentation would be a great help.

In addition to ability to change the location, the real solution to this EN annoyance would be configurable limits - 20G of free space on HDD is hardly alarming for 200M total of the cached data from my EN.  So setting up the alarm to configurable free space left (as opposed to magic 12 or 20% of free space on the disc) would make way more sense.

Even better, the alarm should warn about true issue that would/may imped usage of EN - I would say based on current amount of notes plus % of the daily limit.

And to be even more precise what is needed is a cache control - to allow configuring how much to cache - in terms of maximum size or maximum % of storage. With small databases, all will be cached / synced.  With large databases I may even not wanting having them all synced.  When limits exceed, then to keep notes and documents based on last access. I have notes that I want to keep but accessed last time in 2017 - should I really keep them in the cache on all devices I have EN installed?  And if I want to access them - they are still available online, aren't they?  The small note will take similar time loading from online vs local - and once it is loaded it will be last accessed and will be at the top of the cache for awhile.

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