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最近幾個星期發現 Evernote 常常會把已經修改過的內容 , 又變回原本未修改前的版本 , 請問是否也有人也遇到同樣的問題 ? 這個有解嗎 ? 想換其他app了

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This was reported in other threads as well, personally I did not experience it.

It is related to the new syncing method. EN is working on a fix, server and client software.

Make sure your clients are fully updated - desktop and web are on 10.58.5 now. This client contains some fixes.

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Recently, I've noticed that Evernote often reverts edited content to its original, unmodified version. I'm wondering if others have encountered the same issue and if there is a solution. Has anyone experienced this problem with dgcustomerfirst and is there a fix for it? I'm considering switching to another app.

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