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I don't feel I can trust Evernote to not lose my stuff

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And not only at the moment. Ever since I came back and seriously started using Evernote again a couple of months ago there are synching problems and warnings attachements can't be uploaded and are stored locally. I don't want things stored locally, I need EVERYTHING  to sync.

I'm on the personal plan. I also think it's very strange I'd have to upgrade to the most expensive plan to be able to have two notepads on my dashboard. At least, that's what Evernote's software keeps telling me.

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Hi.  Most of what you're describing should not be happening,  and as a subscriber you have access to Support.  I'd suggest you include your device / OS / Evernote version plus activity logs the next time you get an 'unable to upload' message.

The limits on Personal are set pretty high,  so I don't know whether you might be exceeding the maximum upload or note sizes - see Evernote system limits for more on that.

As to the Home screen,  you do need a Professional subscription to be able to edit the content without a limit on the number of widgets.


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