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My content disappeared

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Hi there

i created another folder like i use to, but yesterday i was checking for a file inside it, and i coudlnt find it

there was moren than 50 notes inside this folder. its not on trash.

actually i didnt even know it has a trash. theres some old things there, but nothing from this folder


what may have happened?



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Hi.  It's not possible for notes or notebooks to simply disappear - and even if your notebook had been deleted in some way,  the notes should still have been stored in the Trash notebook so you could restore them if necessary.

We're mainly all other users here, so no special access to your account - if you're a subscriber I'd suggest you raise this with Evernote Support who will be able to investigate more than we can.  It would be helpful to us and to them if you can answer some questions...

  1. What's your device,  OS and Evernote version?
  2. Have there been any recent changes to that device - updates / operating systems / new apps installed?
  3. When, and on what device was this new notebook created?
  4. You have access to your account through at least two separate devices - have you checked another device to make sure this notebook has disappeared?
  5. Have you done a general search of your account for a keyword in one of the missing notes to see if the notebook got moved somehow?
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hi there

thats what i thought. that it wa snot possible. i also tried to search for files i know that was there, but nothing, too. I am a paid member, but i couldnt find where to ask for help, thats why i came here.

1 - mac, monterey

2- nothing new installed since last time i used those notes

3- was created at my mac during last month and first week of this month

4- yes, i can access my account from many devices. non of then shows this folder. If it was erased, it would show globally in trash, right? Or only at the device it was deleted?

5- i did. search engine seems quite weird these days, taking too long. bu i can find another things there. non of my notes i lost.


tx for trying to help me

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There are some issues with content lost, and EN is working to fix it. It is related to the new syncing method RTE rolled out early May.

Make sure you run the latest release 10.58.5, which is said to solve this specific problem. You get it if you download directly from the website - the rollout by the update or Mac AppStore can take a little.

For content lost you can contact support:

As another user I don’t know what they can do about it.
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