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Parts of note disappeared, recoverable?



I had a note open both on desktop client and the android app, and suddenly parts of sentences and paragraphs were just gone. As I'm not subscribed I cannot contact support or view my notes history to see if it somehow saved there. Does anyone have a cool tip to get in contact with support that doesn't cost me money? I'm certainly not gonna keep using Evernote (been using near daily since 2013) but I'd like my stuff recovered before I move on to something that works, if at all possible. Thanks! :)

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If you read through the various forums here you'll see that this is a known issue which is receiving urgent attention.

The only access you have to tech support is via Twitter to @evernotehelps 

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13 hours ago, Feloss said:

Much appreciated! I'll take a look, but I'm not too hopeful that my data can be recovered as I'm not a subscriber. Thank you anyway, best of days to you! :)

Note history is kept for all notes in all accounts, including free. However, only subscribers are able to access their note histories. If note history can help with this (and it's not always certain that it can), it's possible to subscribe for just 1 month, check note history (and maybe create a support ticket: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new), and then at the end of the month return to free.

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