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Lost all stored data when prompted to upgrade- help needed





I upgraded to lastest evernote verion on my windows PC and now have lost all my records. This is approx 3 years of records all gone. 

Is there a way to retrieve this lost information?

Is there a way to communicate with an Evernote technical representative directly? does anyone have an email address? As it seems you need a 'premium' account to have access to these sort of basic services?

Thanks in advance




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@MogwaiJosh Yes, you need to subscribe to get technical support or rely on users in these forums to give advice.

The usual cause is to have logged in with the wrong Email address. That will create a new, empty, account.

Try reconnecting with the original Email address.

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6 hours ago, Luz Stella Forero said:


Soy nueva aquí,  necesito ayuda para recuperar una nota muy importante que se borró, por favor me guían como lo puedo hacer.


You will need to tell us your device, Evernote version and operating system.

Can you describe how the note was lost?

FYI there are Spanish language threads of you want to work in Spanish. These are the English threads and you might get better support if you can post on English. Otherwise try the Spanish areas.

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