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Double payments??? Really?

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I am paying annually for Personal and also monthly for Evernote Plus from my Apple account.

However Evernote still is not allowing me access to my account unless I remove my synced devices and is demanding that I pay the upgrade fee AGAIN.


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4 hours ago, TaiJi_Hero said:


Hi. First,  this is a mainly user-supported forum and we don't do resolutions here.  Please contact Support,  using 'Account' from the drop-down for more.

Second if you have any queries about the Apple payments,  they're the folks to talk to;  Evernote has no connection with that bit of the accounting.  I wonder why you're paying for both accounts,  since you could easily move your Plus content to your Personal account if necessary.

Third - I wasn't aware that Plus users had a device limit - if you're getting that message you seem to be using a free account - maybe a small mistype in your login details has generated a 'new' account.

Support are the people to resolve all of the above:  good luck with your situation.


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You have chosen 2 completely independent methods of payment. The direct payment is processed by EN itself, the AppStore payment is processed by Apple. EN can't match both payment streams, because Apple is in between. You have created this situation yourself, somehow.

Select the method you like better. Terminate both, and subscribe fresh with the method you prefer.

Hint: Once you cancel the grandfathered Plus subscription, you can't go back to it.

If you need help, contact support. EN for the direct payment, Apple support (iTunes support) in your native country for the other.

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