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Mac: How to import from OneNote?

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I want to test out Evernote and need to import all my notes in OneNote. Old searches describe a very good import functionality for OneNote. I have tried both new and legacy app, and cannot find the option to import from OneNote.



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Hi.  "Old searches" almost certainly pre-date major changes in both apps,  and I don't know whether there is a foolproof method any more - especially since OneNote and Evernote are architecturally different.  Also unless you're subscribing,  the note size and upload limits on a free account will probably get blown out of the water if you have a large number of notes.  Maybe copy and paste a few notes to try Evernote out?

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I'm on a 7 days trial of Evernote, so that shouldn't be a limit.

I don't see the point to test much without import. Because I will not move if I have to keep OneNote in addition with all my existing notes...

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3 hours ago, Sverre4E said:

I don't see the point to test much without import.

OK - you will know more than I about any restrictions there might be on importing.  I'd suggest you do a web search  while you wait for any resonses here - there have been some independent solutions over the years,  but I don't know whether any of them are still viable.

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I have searched and found some old posts describing import from OneNote works like a charm, than some later posts saying this functionality is not implemented in new app yet and refer to legacy app. I downloaded legacy app and this function seems not to be present in Mac version at least...

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