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Missing Content - Able to Recover?



On Friday, I laid out an action plan for a project at work in a note.  I went to access that note this morning for a meeting and the content I added on Friday was missing.  Per Help & Learning, I downloaded all previous versions which were exactly the same as the current version.  I checked the web version, and even tried the version history there.  I made these notes several hours before shutting down Evernote and my laptop, so plenty of time to save and sync.  I was working in the app version on my laptop, and my settings are set to save a copy on my computer.  And, I’m on the latest version of Evernote.  I’ve submitted a ticket.  While waiting, I checked out this forum to see that others have experienced similar issues.  Has anyone successfully been able to recover their missing content?

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I lost content yesterday.  Similar situation:  Latest client (10.57.6-mac-ddl-public (4112), Editor: v169.1.20965, Service: v1.68.4), plenty of time to sync, history locally and on the web does not have the missing content.  I looked at my recent logs (Help > Activity Logs > Save Most Recent Logs) and around the time I added the last bit of content last night there's a log entry containing this text:  

pending structs after update received, possible missed update

That's followed by a string full of integers interspersed with quotes, escapes and commas;  I'm assuming it's JSON.  I haven't deciphered it yet, but I'm hoping it's character codes for the content I lost.  

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The latest version would be 10.58.3, available both on the website and in the AppStore.

Usually I wouldn’t loose a word about it, but this update seems to hold some fixes already. So better update your Mac.

About what happened and the system data you found, we are just other users and can’t make sense out of it. You better contact support.

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On Evernote Legacy attachments have vanished. 

How to recover?


How to prevent?


Strangely, newer versions of EN do not allow for attachments so that is not a solution. 

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