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[Phone] notes start from bottom when accessing from the Shortcuts list

El Musleh


For example, I have a shopping list in the shortcut list. At the top of the note, I use a checkbox list to write down what I want to buy and below it, I mention feedback, meals, items, and internal notes links. I expect (and I want) the note to appear similar to any other note view – show from top - for consistency. I understand that someone might need such a feature, so I wish to make a more customized option in settings that allow the user to define the start view of the note as of from top or bottom. Thanks!


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There is not "feature discussion" going on.

This "open at the bottom" is no feature, it was introduced with one of he latest releases and is a bug.

A number of tickets are pending, we will see when this gets fixed.

Beside this (at least on an iPhone) a simple tap above the app window, right at the top of the screen will move the view to the top position. There is at least not need to scroll through everything in between.

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