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Evernote's Tasks are not reliable.

El Musleh


I used Google Tasks along with Google Calendar before switching completely to Evernote Tasks, to have all tasks in one place for productivity. Evernote Tasks are not reliable to use. The following things I noticed:

  • The completed tasks from the left bar "Tasks/Notes" are not showing completed after moving them from one note to another. The tasks are as if not completed yet.
  •  Some tasks disappeared from the actual Note and "Tasks" view after moving them from one note to another. This is annoying because I needed to create one again and mention the date. 
  • The repeated daily/weekly tasks are kept in overdue and not shown again – not repeated. It just appears again once marked completed. In Google Tasks, daily tasks appear separately, and I can leave the missed one and track the one after. This is useful for me to get notifications, track my progress and count the missed days.  
  • I wish Evernote tasks appear in the "Home" > "Calendar" widgets similar as Google Tasks showed them on Google Calendar. This is useful to check all today's duties in one place. 
  • I use Evernote tasks for personal use. I don't see the point of keeping "My tasks", "Assigned" categories in "Tasks" view. Furthermore, I wish it's customized to keep the "Due dates" first and "Notes" second.  
  • Evernote's tasks don't support having a note's internal link in them. The link will appear as URL and not note title. Furthermore, hyperlinks are not supported in tasks. I want to use it to view task description/progress. 
  • One of the reasons to upgrade my phone is to use Evernote Tasks, my old phone OS was Android 8.0.  In my new phone (Xiaomi 11T), I did all the settings to prevent the battery from stopping the application from the background and no restriction. However, I never got tasks notification from the app. I missed it multiple times. I need to open the application to view them.

I give Evernote Tasks a try by switching to completely for my daily life. IMHO, Evernote Tasks are not reliable and still need more improvement. 

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3 hours ago, El Musleh said:

I give Evernote Tasks a try by switching to completely for my daily life. IMHO, Evernote Tasks are not reliable and still need more improvement. 

I dropped Todoist when tasks came out.  It was basic but ok for my personal needs, and then got better when recurring tasks were added.  There are some problems lately that I think are due to the RTE introduction.  I’ve seen some recent improvements and hope the remaining problems get worked out soon.

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I also have issues with task text not always getting saved if I make edits to it on desktop (Windows), AND some weirdness where sometimes a note with tasks will appear blank but if I duplicate it, the copy does have the tasks showing up. The duplicate workaround is not great but at least there is a workaround. Losing edits is a big problem and I'll probably switch back to bullet points instead of tasks or find another task management app because I worry I'm forgetting one of my edits when I try to recreate the work.

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