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iPad Sketches are NOT syncing - and I'm continually losing my work. Close to quitting EN completely.

James Compton


I'm irritated and disappointed that an app that's been around for so many years has basic sync problems still prevalent. I frequently use the iPad to do sketches in evernote and most of the time they don't sync - you can see the thumbnail of the sketch in the list window but the sketch doesn't appear in any of my other devices. Why such a basic MISSION CRITICAL feature doesn't work? It's really not much to ask - who gives a sh*t about sexy new features when the foundation isn't in order.

This hasn't been since RTE came in. It goes back further than that. WTF? 

Check the images out - I deliberately sketched this last night in EN and took a screenshot and export of the sketch coz I knew it would f*ck it up. And yes, ladies and gents, it did just that.

- A screenshot of the iPad app where I originally created the sketch (thumbnail in the sidebar, not appearing in the note)

- A screenshot of the same on my laptop

What have I tried?

- Restarting my devices - doesn't work

- Updating the latest EN version - doesn't work

Screenshot 2023-06-04 at 07.12.47.png


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They are currently working on fixing some RTE issues, and speed up the time it takes for Note content to show.

Hopefully there will be a fix for your issues among the improvements rolling out now. Desktop client is at 10.58.3 now, iOS client at 10.51.1 - check you have the latest versions.

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I have this exact same issue:

image.png.258f05a0d8754e1747fe2b2821e34414.png This is the card.  Has thumbnail showing the attachments

image.thumb.png.310537761a6f4bbec1827d9de3117c28.png And this is the note. Without the attachment.


This is very frustrating, may have to move over to OneNote.  I'm running v10.58.8

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This means 2 things:

1) The Note contained the image in the past. Else the thumbnail could not have been created.

2) If it is missing now, it somehow got lost. It may be it can be recovered through note history, on a desktop client.

I would contact support as next step.

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