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Numeric Keypad for Keyboard Shortcuts

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Issue: Use of Number keypad for Keyboard Shortcuts

One one point, using the numeric keypad, Opt+Cmd+ a number quickly jumped to Notes, Home, etc. 
Example: Opt+Cmd+1: Home

That functionality is now gone.

And yes, Mouse Keys and Num Lock have been checked - no luck.

Can we please get Evernote to recognize the Numeric Keypad numbers for Keyboard Shortcuts?

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This is a list of keyboard shortcuts for the Mac:


Part of the shortcuts can be modified. It’s not unknown from other apps that the keys on the numeric keypad are treated differently from the regular keyboard. You can try to reconfigure those shortcuts that allow for it to the settings you like.

The standard settings will never have a numeric keyboard as part of the definition, since it doesn’t exist on many users keyboards. The standard is defined for keys that all users will likely have available.

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