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This a design decision, I suppose. It makes sure a minimum of UI elements are always displayed.

To contact EN about it, issue a support ticket.

The screen surface of any notebook is limited, more so on a 13-14“ model. These are some of the concepts build into MacOS to improve the situation:

  • You are aware that MacOS provides the concept of multiple virtual desktops for the Mac, to place apps on several desktops, and switch between them at ease with a gesture on the trackpad.
  • Another option to reduce and expand apps on demand is using Stage Manager. You can even group apps together that will be used together, allowing to switch between them very elegantly.
  • A third option if you have an iPad with you is to combine the Macs screen with the iPad using the Sidecar function, and have a secondary screen on the iPad to move some content there while working on the main screen,
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