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I create a new task or edit one, click Done, then Save won't click. Cancel of course cancels the task. I need a fix quickly or it's back to Trello. This is unacceptable. Tasks has worked so well up to now. Why "fix" what ain't broke in this newest update?

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I am having the same problem. Not only are notes super slow to load (Notes that have already been converted to RTE) but the task function is largely unusable for the last two days. Tasks won't save or can't be edited, or edits to tasks don't save. Ironically, it was after updating to 10.57.10 that this started. Super frustrating. 

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I too am having major work flow disruptions due to issues with Evernote tasks.  

Simply changing the due date on a task and trying to save the change often results in an apparent freeze up.  Most of the time, After 2 or 3 minutes, the Save dialogue will disappear, but the change may or may not have actually saved. 

This functionality used to work great.  

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For the last 4 weeks, I have been having issues with Tasks. I'm editing them, and saving and then the edits appear to disappear within a few seconds, hours, or overnight. Any solutions? Not acceptable to have unreliability issues like this...

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I'm having the same issue, confirmed with both Windows (10.57.10) and iOS (10.51.1). For all intents and purposes Tasks are unusable, which is a huge disappointment as its probably what I used Evernote the most for.

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