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Introduce global template for note headers and titles



The addition of a global template where one can define all attributes for headers, titles and notes default fonts would save a lot of time when importing notes from the Web (HTML). This user defined template would determine the format for all predefined styles.

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12 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

Set up a note that has it all, pin it as shortcut and duplicate it whenever you need a new, preformattet note. 

This used to work, but as I have noted elsewhere, copying or duplicating a note in 10.57.10 resets the styles to default.

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3 hours ago, plcoelho said:

It is a nice suggestion for creating new notes based on template. However, the use case I have in mind is when importing notes, specially from the Web.

It's difficult (I would imagine) to take a note that has been formatted by one system and convert it to a new style and format during import.  If you're importing Evernote notes,  they will have been set up in a specific way by their original owner.  They might consider style and format changes as a sign their work is being falsely represented as having been done by someone else...

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