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(Archived) Capturing full JPG/PNG screenshots directly to Evernote



Hi there,

I recently migrated from Windows to Mac, and Evernote seems to work so much nicer on Mac. I'm still learning though. I'm trying to figure out an easy, one-step way to take full-page JPG/PNG screenshots and get them into Evernote.

I've used Chrome primarily as my browser, and I was bummed at the loss of formatting (often, but not always) when using the EN clipper or copying and pasting. Up until today, I was taking screenshots primarily with a third party tool (like Google's Screen Capture extension or Snagit), saving to a folder, and then dragging those into EN. On Windows EN, I could "watch" a folder then and have it auto import those images or PDFs. Mac doesn't have that feature (right?).

I really haven't used Safari, and I was pleased to find that a simple SHIFT + clipper makes a full PDF screenshot in EN (wish I would have known that earlier).

I use JPG and PNG screenshots more often than I use PDF screenshots, but can I do that in one step in Safarai. On Chrome, there is a great extension called Screen Capture (google) that takes great full JPG/PNG screenshots, but it's a two step process to get them into EN (for me). It gives me the option of choosing where I want to save the image file, but can I save it to a folder that EN would automatically look for and import?

Can anyone point me in the right direction on this? Thanks!


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