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When opening current Note - empty screen - "Saving .." in right bottom corner

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This is happening for last few weeks- both Windows and MacOS clients.

Once i open existing Note - I get empty screen - for some reason Evernote is saving somethink. This can take around 10secons to recover and show content.

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@James Shaw Have you read through the rather short thread to find information ? From your posting, you have just seen the thread title, didn’t read anything and now just blurt out your opinion.

This is IMHO disrespectful to those who have contributed, and a bad habit leading to repeats and prolonging forum posts with duplicate information. PLEASE FIX !

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It's still happening for the same notes over and over again on Mac Client.
While opening any note you see Saving .. in right bottom corner and you wait 5-15 seconds for the note to open (All changes saved appears in bottom right corner).

@PinkElephant Something seems to be wrong with this conversion approach 

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