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Evernote 10.57.5 won't Launch

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Evernote 10.57.5 won't launch.

Only the message "Something went wrong on our end, sorry about that.  Please try restarting Evernote."


Restarting, Rebooting and Reinstalling all have no affect.  I am unable to use the software on the Mac.

Anyone had the same issue? Any ideas?



Running on a Macbook Pro M2 Max 32 GB on Ventura 13.4

Many thanks.


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No such problem.

First download the newest new version, 10.57.6.

Maybe this already does the job.

If not, get the app AppCleaner and use it to remove all program parts from the Mac. Restart and install fresh.

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Personally I avoid the AppStore version. It is known to create problems in working with other apps, like sharing.

I would remove the AppStore version, restart the Mac and get the direct download. Then you are on the latest version, skipping the time the listing in the AppStore is taking.

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@jonno_r, I am receiving the same message. I removed the plist, downloaded the App store and the direct download yesterday. It happen yesterday around 10 am EDT while I was working. It just crashed on my Mac. My wife's MacBook pro and my Windoze box are working just fine. 

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