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Images are not loading

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I recently shifted some of the data from one note to another. While the new image additions are working fine but the copied Images are not loading and instead buffering icon is being displayed - I have kept that page open for days yet the note has been still in loading phase only. Kindly help - I have checked it both on web client and Evernote for Windows app with both showing the same issue. [Note: the images were being displayed properly before I moved from one notebook to another]

Screenshot 2023-05-27 234124.png

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The lack of solutions on the various threads means no one here has a solution, most likely. We are other users here--Evernote staff may chime in at times, but user-to-user is the primary help here, and this is not a problem that other users can really fix. Starting another thread does not change that. I was just trying to avoid clutter.

Anyway, sending Evernote a support request at https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new is the most likely way to get help for this issue, which obviously is widespread and needs their attention.

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I am also facing the issue in Desktop, IosApp and web.
Images won't load up.
I am have downloaded the latest version in my iphone and mac M1 machine doesn't work.
I have restarted multiple times, logout login , doesn't help.
I have exported the file and saw the image is correctly referenced in file as 
<en-media width="54px" hash="a9ee4bfdfb912c9fcb232c22242f89ad" type="image/png" />

It must be some server image sync issue, Can you help ?

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