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A preview of the note is not updated properly




When I first created an Evernote account and started experimenting with what it offers, I created my fist note and tested the "Sketch" option (where you can draw anything inside the note). I drew a random doodle, deleted it, and kept on writing in my note without any further Sketch integrations. Now, every time I watch a preview of this note, it is always showing me this doodle that is not present in the note anymore. 

It does not really inhibit my work with Evernote, but it is slightly annoying that this random doodle that I drew some time ago keeps getting shown in my note's preview. Any idea on how to make it dissapear from the preview as well? There must be a way to fix this, right? 

Looking forward to hearing your troubleshoots/suggestions. 





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+1 for @Paul A.'s workaround. This is unfortunately a very long-standing bug, going back even before v. 10, if I remember correctly. Preview pictures seem to be very randomly chosen, and as you have discovered do not go away when the picture in the note is deleted. Incomprehensible to me, but fortunately not a deal-breaker.

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The note probably had only once contained a picture, this experimental Sketch, and today has no picture content at all ?!

Then the thumbnail will not update, because it has nothing to put in to the place of the removed picture.

You can try the above workaround, but you could try as well to place a new picture into the note, and see if the Sketch thumbnail is replaced.

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