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(Archived) Can I share and edit notes between iPhones?

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I want to be able to share a note that is editable by the person or persons shared with. For instance, let's say I want to start a grocery list and share it with my wife. I might do this on the iPhone or via desktop app. It would be great if she could open the note and add "eggs" to the list, sync, and then when I go to the store I can open the note on my iPhone and see the updated list.

Is something like this possible with Evernote?


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Our Mac client is the first client that has access to shared notebooks from within the native application, so you can edit notes from your friends' shared notebooks directly within the client.

We plan to add this to other clients as well, but it's not yet possible from the iPhone.

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Why not have a single account? That way you can synch it across all devices and both of you can access it and edit it.

Edit: You'd have to watch out for simultaeneous changes and synchs though. Might not be a good idea after all.

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