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Recent Notes no longer appears in the Sidebar

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I upgraded to v10.57.5 recently and the Recent Notes section no longer appears in the Sidebar, despite the fact that the Show recent notes checkbox is checked in Settings > Preferences > Sidebar.

Have others experienced this bug? Is there a fix?

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Hi. Sign out of the app and back in / sign out and restart the device (power off and on again) / uninstall,  download the latest version and reinstall... do you still have this issue?  Contact Support.

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I figured it out. It's simply that for some reason Recent Notes is hidden/unhidden by the disclosure triangle for Shortcuts. So when I hid the shortcuts to look for the recent notes more easily, they weren't shown at all!

I consider this a bug, no? I can't imagine any reason why Recent Notes should appear only at the end of the Shortcuts list.

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Check the automatic answer. They usually link some help articles. At the bottom you find 2 boxes:

Yes, this answered my request 

No, I need help

Click on „Need help“. Else the request may enter a loop, waiting for your answer.

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6 hours ago, RobertJLee said:

How ouija board? They don't respond to support tickets these days.

I reported an issue last week, an email response Quoting Ticket Number was received three minutes later.

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