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Home widget to focus on specific Stack for search and add

Jacob F


I have been using Evernote for many years and use it for many different contexts of life.  I find that it slows me down greatly to pick a notebook to add notes and to limit my search in.  I end up searching across the whole system and I end up saving notes in the default directory.  This makes it tempting to look at other products for specific organizational needs.  

I think a solution could be a home screen widget that helps to focus the environment on a specific stack.  You currently have a home screen widget for notebooks, but this  does not help me get to the right place quickly.  

Made a very crude mockup: 


This widget would be for a specific stack.  

I could search across all or any of the notebooks.  

I have a button next to each notebook for adding a new note. 

My searches are saved 

As a bonus, give me an enumeration of all tags used in that stack so that I could one click search by tag.  





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The usual solution for your demand is a saved search, set to your preferences. If you use it often, you can store it in shortcuts. Else it will be offered to you when you activate search. You could create one search for each stack, if this is your main initial selection criteria.

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