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Multi-lingual spellcheck support

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I'm starting a new topic because this was last brought up in 2020, and it seems that it never received a response. 

The squiggly red lines under my Spanish text are distracting.

There are millions of bilingual people in the world. My last 3 Android phones have all been able to instantaneously notice and support language switches, even in the same sentence. 

I just right-clicked on the word "Instantaneously" here in the "New Topic" box to check my spelling, and found a multi-lingual spellcheck menu. It would be GREAT to see the same feature in Evernote. 



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7 hours ago, Rosemary92264 said:

this was last brought up in 2020

...And you thought the lack of a Spanish interpretor was an issue? - Я говорю на другом языке.

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Welcome to the forums. The thread (one of the threads?) from 2020 continued into August of 2022:

I have no independent knowledge, but what I read is that Evernote only uses the operating systems' spellcheck facilities. Another thread from last year:


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