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Returned to Evernote and got disappointed

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Hello all, 

I was an Evernote user since like 2011 and it worked for me. I mean, there were not many alternatives by that time so I played Evernote's game and it somehow worked fine for me. When Evernote changed its pricing, I stopped using it and was looking for alternatives and did not make any new notes in general. I tried Notion, Obsidian and a few others but as I am not a writer, I am not doing any scientific research and I am not the kind of a person who touches himself just by looking at his perfect notes with backlinks etc. I considered getting back to Evernote. I thought that for web clipping and saving my personal tech notes its going to work fine and I knew how it work (or at least I thought so). Whoa, I was surprised how terribly worse this thing got! I might be missing some points here and there or doing something wrong but there are things I simply can't my get way around. 

1) I removed a number of my dated notes and notebooks and I ended up with hundreds of tags with 0 notes. Yup - there is no way how to remove these in bulk - for every tag, I need to right click it, select "delete tag", click the confirmation window, and repeat..... No way I am doing this for hundreds of tags with 0 notes.... Is it really so difficult to implement something like "remove unused tags"? Are you that busy?

2) The auto formatting sucks - shame on you for releasing it in such an unbaked state Evernote! Ie. why can't I write a text, put " ``` " before the first line and another " ``` " after the first line to create a code block WITH the text that is inside this block? When I do so, the first set of " ``` "  is ignored, while the second one creates an empty block. Omg just don't bother with some auto-formtatting and just implement a proper markdown option instead of this half backed trash.

3) No option to import markdown notes or anything that will preserve proper formatting but your stupid enex? In 2023? You can't be serious... Frankly, this is the main point why I won't subscribe as I can't import my notes to your stupid application without excessive manual labor. Why are you so obsessed with enex??

4) Thanks for not letting me to disable the auto-formatting on mac!

5) No code block syntax highlighting? Have you been actually doing anything during past years but changing your billing plans?

6) Most of my notes are blank until I click inside the note body. Again, what an UX marvel.... 👍

7) I can encrypt the selected text! Yay! But how can I encrypt the whole notebook / note as the local notebooks are gone?

8 ) I can move tasks, tables and others by dragging them with the mouse around the note - this is perfect but could you explain to me why I can't do the same with a block of text?

9) How do I change the font of a code block to any other font that will work better for code than the one you are forcing me to use? Oh, I can't...

I could go on but I will better make sure my subscription will really not renew (my grandfathered plan ends today or tomorrow) and look into some other solution. My point of this post was nothing but let you know how much worse and unintuitive your app got. I really can't be more disappointed when I realize how great your app was back in the days but you really screwed up, removed everything that was good, complicated everything that was simple, and added nothing that would help people move from other tools to Evernote. I am deeply disappointed by the direction this app/service went.

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Just an initial remark: Nobody here is busy, or we wouldn't be here. The forum is user2user.

1) One-Timer. Seems you are a heavy duty tag user, I don't come even close in my total number of tags. Yes, it's one by one.

2) Get acquainted to how is works. You can change many shortcuts to your preferences in the shortcuts overview.

3) No, you can import ENEX, HTML, from ZIP and many other sources. Since "the industry" has not committed to a standard, it is up to us users to find out. Search the forum, for some sources exist a Github repository or similar.

4) You are welcome (Mac user myself)

5) No, has never been. Use an app that does it if you need it.

6) This is related to the rollout of RTE (real time editing). Old notes are covered the first time they are opened to the new data structure. This takes a little. Should be OK from the second time onwards.

7) You can't, and you never could. Requested, no idea if it is on the backlog.

8 )You can't, I can. Mac client 10.57.6. As with many apps, you need to select, then click and hold a little. Once the selection starts to hover like a block, you can move it. Mac standard, I would say.

9) Code block is a fixed formatting that can't be changed by the format option.

You must not like anything, you can believe you know it better. Then issue a support ticket, one for each feature you want to change.

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Weird. I googled 'word vomit' and it brought me to OP's post...

Dude - you should have just sent an email to Evernote instead of inducing headaches to fellow users! That was unpleasant.

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@maara, as others have noted this forum is not a way to contact Evernote directly. We're just other users. If you want to give Evernote this blast, it's https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new (before your subscription runs out). Two specific comments: First, a lot of your issues seem to be with code blocks. A number of other coders have made the same complaints here. The bottom line seems to be that Evernote is a generalist tool, not a specialized one, not for coding, fiction writing, business management, or anything else. Second, I don't know why you can't select a block of text and move it around. This has worked in Evernote since ... well, since forever, AFAIK, and certainly still works in v. 10 on all platforms. Probably not worth your while to try it again on the way out, but it does work.

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