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Issue with Disappearing Content and Tasks in Evernote - Seeking Assistance

Sjors G


Hey everyone,

I hope I am posting this in the correct channel since I am experiencing issues independent of the platform.

I've been encountering a frustrating issue with Evernote for about a week, causing me much anxiety. Things I type in a new or existing note disappear. That isn't limited to notes - tasks are also behaving similarly. After I create a task and click on the note, the task or task content is sometimes gone. Losing information after I added it to EN, happens shortly after I've added it.

Evernote has been my go-to tool for over a decade, which supports my daily work routine. It's a tool I spend most of my working hours in, and I need to trust it not to lose information. However, this recent trend of losing content, things I've carefully typed and added, is shaking my trust and creating anxiety.

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Best Regards,


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There are a couple of threads reporting similar issues although not a flood of reports. You might search for threads to see if there's is any help for you.

You should report this to Evernote via a support ticket.


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Thanks @agsteele! I have been searching for these threads. Do you have a link, maybe? I created a ticket two days ago. I hope they will circle back soon. I really hope I am not an exception, then it might take a really long time to resolve this. Anyways, thanks for your help.

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The same thing happens to me. In this case, I think it is a synchronization problem.

I write something in a note, go to edit another note, and when I go back to the previous note I see that what I wrote was not saved.

I am accessing Evernote from Chrome. When I try to exit Evenrote, I get a message telling me that the sync was not done. I wait several minutes to see if it synced, but I get the same message.

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