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(Archived) Beta 2.0 - Can't change font



I am running Version 2.0 Beta 2 (115692) and from time to time I am unable to change the text font or size without first closing the application and reopening it. There is nothing specific that seems to cause this that I can think of other than I rarely turn my MacBook off. I just close the lid and go to bed, get up in the morning and open the lid.

This morning when it happened, I was pasting router output from iTerm so there was no formatting specified from the source, but I was unable to change the font after pasting into my note. I would click the font menu and nothing would happen. The menu would not open or even give me other options. I also tried it on several other existing notes and was unable to change the font. I was however able to make text bold and then unbold it.

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I am using Mac version 2.02 but am having a similar problem: nothing happens when I try to click on the font button on the tool bar. I can change fonts when I go to Show Fonts, but, of course, that is a bulky way to do things. What's happening here?


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