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Improve rendering of publicly shared notes.

Hakan Bayındır


I'm using Evernote to take notes while learning new things, and later share these notes when they reach a certain level of maturity. Since the subjects I'm working on are generally computer related, I use inline code formatting a lot. However, text formatted as inline code is rendered as normal text on the publicly shared note page. This inconsistency hurts the readability of the notes and takes important context out of the picture.

An example is attached below:
This is from Evernote:

This is how it's rendered on the web:


This is just a small example, and makes everything way harder when reading larger, longer notes.

Also there are two other papercuts:

  • It's not possible to access and use inline code formatting except its Markdown-equivalent auto-formatting shortcut (which is something I love, but it kills discoverability).
  • There are empty lines after titles in web view, which makes the document look bad, and also hinders readability.

Thanks for everything,



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On 5/24/2023 at 11:31 PM, Hakan Bayındır said:

However, text formatted as inline code is rendered as normal text on the publicly shared note page.

I just discovered this as well. We can add the issue to checklists which also don't render correctly.

Given that code blocks and checkboxes render correctly it looks like nobody has thought about how these two new features will appear in shared notes.

Interestingly an export of the note as html correctly renders both the inline text and the checklists.

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I have reported the issue to Evernote support after this message, and they acknowledged the problem, yet it has been demoted from the roadmap since they are having admittedly more pressing support tickets. 

But, reporting all these three problems again maybe help bumping these problems upper in the list, if that's possible for you.

Currently, I have no recourse, but to migrate these notes to one of the competitors, because they should be public and should be readable. That's important for me.

When Evernote fixes these problems, I'll move these notes back to Evernote.

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