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Prepend/Append To Note Using Drafts

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Does anyone know if the latest version of Drafts still supports the ability to prepend or append to an existing note in Evernote? I hadn't used that feature in quite awhile -- it might have been as far back as before v10 was unveiled. I tried it today and no luck no matter what I did. I'm not sure whether it's user error on my part of if the feature is no longer supported.

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9 minutes ago, PinkElephant said:

If it doesn't go through the API, there is no way. v10 (as all Electron apps) doesn't support scripting.

I appreciate the insight but I don't know how Drafts currently does it. I know the difference between API and scripting, but I'm not familiar with how Drafts works under the hood. I'm just not that technical. I was hoping someone in the community might know whether this is a feature Drafts still supports if the introduction of Evernote v10 broke that feature in Drafts. I also created a topic in the Drafts forum but posted here as well to increase my chances of finding out. Thanks.

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If it worked without you entering access data before, it didn't use the API.

And then I doubt it will work directly, because the app is nested inside of the framework. The framework shields it against the OS and other apps.

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@PinkElephant, I don't know what "entering access data" means. For this to work in the past, I had to give permission to link Drafts to Evernote. I don't know if that's the same as things as you're talking about.

I appreciate your desire to help but I'm getting the impression you're not familiar with the Drafts app for iOS, and you're just speaking in general about what tends to work or not work from a technical standpoint. Again, I'm grateful for the insight but I'm hoping someone in this forum is familiar with Drafts and can give me an answer about whether that app's integration with Evernote still works.

Perhaps this isn't the right place in the Evernote forum for that question. I had thought "integrations" would be the right place to post this question, but if this section of the forum is about the technical complexities of integrations, maybe I need to post this question elsewhere.

Anyway, I also asked this question on the Drafts forum in case the Evernote forum isn't the best place to get an answer.

Again, I appreciate you but you're speaking to a technical layperson.

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OK, for anyone who is interested, Agile Tortoise, the company that develops Drafts, answered my question in their forum. The Drafts integration with Evernote "no longer works reliably." According to them, "Evernote has been breaking things…again." 

(I have no opinion on whose responsibility this actually is. I'm just relaying what they said.)

If anyone is interested, here are links to relevant threads in the Drafts forum:



This is definitely a bummer. I hope this issue will be resolved soon. But at least I now know it's a known issue and not user error on my part.


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Thank you, this is exactly what I was trying to find out this morning when I saw that my prepend and append Actions in Drafts were no longer working.

Very frustrating as I use Drafts regularly to update notes in Evernote.

Thanks for the links and the answers. Hopefully this gets fixed sometime soon.

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