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Mind Maps...again



So this feature comes up again and again, it seems.

My idea:

I can imagine Mind Maps in Evernote to be a higher-level construct that is (perhaps implicitly) backed by a Notebook and root-Note.

Imagine as the MindMap grows, you would see in the backing Note an expanding table of contents - which lends itself to the MindMap tree-structure - and sectioned (headed) content i.e. sections of content corresponding to/containing the inline/attached Nodes' notes.

If a section in the root (parent) Note is no-longer adequate, support a Note break-out capability i.e. the parent Note now contains a link to another ('sub-') Note in the same Notebook

This way, if you need to delegate some responsibility or action around a Note, or need to collaborate on some specific sub-content of the MindMap, you can.

For anyone thinking to offer a 'workaround' to a feature request, I am trialling Xmind, it's pretty good, but Xmind isn't spelt E, v, e, r, n, o, t, e.

And it's £55+ for the year; do you not want any part of that revenue? I would not pay that much to Evernote, but I would pay a supplement to have a better UX and bettter day-to-day workflow.

Evernote is great, but it needs to evolve.

MindMaps and Markdown #FTW

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The mind mapping community is rather small, but vocational. This doesn’t make it any more viable, economically.

There have been attempts to build graphical maps from notes and tags in the past.

moio maps - failed, website sold off after the dev went belly up

Bubble Browser - broken, trying to launch it brought my MacBook down with a crash (which is no small feat for an app listed in the AppStore). No releases, dev is not reacting.

Conclusion: It has been tried to make graphics from notes and their relations, and it didn’t work. I think you can forget mind mapping as a killer feature - unless you mean it’s effect on the devs who try.

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