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Customize toolbar in the new version of Evernote.

El Musleh


I moved recently from the legacy version of EN. In the new version, the toolbar is ignored. I used to rely on it to access quickly the shortcuts. Can you please bring the customization and add shortcuts again to the toolbar? Thanks!





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If you want to do yourself a favor, stop trying to convert v10 to a legacy clone.

It won't work (part of it because legacy Windows was a piece of outdated 32bit code, part of it because it ran itself so deep into complexity that nobody could maintain it in the end, which nearly killed EN as a company).

Ask for reasonable features, if you like - but expect YOU need (in general) to adapt to the way EN is working, not the other way. If you don't like it, leave.



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Just go ahead and ask whatever you want. Anybody not having a „Staff“ on the badge is just another user, like me.

But we don’t need to agree, and just saying „how nice“ if in fact we have another view is not the way here.

I pointed you to shortcuts, and I have told my opinion that EN should be kept low complexity, because high complexity in the long run kills every software. My feeling is you want to mint v10 after legacy, and legacy (or better the crooked strategy behind it, if there was a strategy at all) is the main reason why we are where we are.

Better explore the possibilities. These you can use right away, while for feature requests you need to wait, often indefinitely.

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