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How to export Evernote NOTES --- to secure and read offline.



I have been a long time Evernote user.  For some reason the version I was using and loved has been removed and my offline download, too.  I need to work distraction free OFFLINE and not need to log in.

Also, why is Evernote logging me out?  Every time I return to my desk (over night), I have to log back in and proof I am not a bot?

And WHERE did the "open note in a new window" GO?  I do a lot of research and have multiple clients and tasks going on at any one time --- I "tile" my open notes.  NOW I can' open but one?!

Please help.

Unhappy --- after all these yeas.

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You need to be logged in to be able to use notes offline - it’s as simple as that. When you log out of your account before closing the app, you won’t be able to open it again when offline. You can close the app, you can shut down the computer - but you must stay logged into the account before doing so.

There is NO option that would log you out on closing. There is an option in settings that decides if a copy of your data will be saved locally, for offline use. Make sure you have it enabled. If it was disabled, you need to enable it and then let the app running (can be in the background) until it has downloaded everything.

This is for desktop clients.

No offline capability for the web client. On mobile clients, offline download is a subscribers feature. And it works differently from the desktop clients.

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