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Encrypted Text within a Note turned into a Task

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Last week, I encrypted some text within in a note.  I did this in two different notes.  I tested it after I did it and could access it by clicking on it and entering the pass code.  Now, when I got back on Evernote a week later, the encrypted text in each note is showing as a Task.  There's no option to click and enter a passcode.  This is happening on a Windows 10 client version 10.57.5.  It also shows the same in the Android app.  Need help  on how to access the data that I encrypted.  Thanks

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12 hours ago, J Dawg said:

the encrypted text in each note is showing as a Task.

Do you mean that the encrypted text block is showing in a Task widget? Or that the encrypted text is decrypted and showing as a Task?

Can you post a screenshot of it?

Very strange. Haven't seen this anywhere before.

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The encrypted text block is now showing as a blank task item with no text or data.  The encrypted data is not showing. Its like Evernote didn't recognize the encrypted text block, it knows something is there, and decided by default to display it as a Task item.

I'm using a Free account so I can't submit a support ticket.


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