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Moving Local Notebooks from Legacy to Web

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I've been using Evernote Legacy on my Mac since support for Local Notebooks in Web was dropped. With the latest version of Mac OS I am unable to see attachments in to any notes in Evernote Legacy - instead I just see "missing plugin". I can see all Synchronised Notebooks in Evernote Web - so just need to move my Local Notebooks from Legacy to Web. I tried to move notes (by drag & drop) from offline notebooks to synchronised notebooks, but this doesn’t work. The note moves to the desired place, but upon opening, I get an error message “Untitled Attachment, No PDF file specified.”  I also tried exporting offline notes to .ENEX file & importing back into Evernote Web - which basically works, but all notes have "lost" their history and now show as newly created - which renders them useless. I have 1000's of notes to move - so manual processing is not an option!

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It is very simple, but not satisfactory: The usual method is through ENEX export, and importing them again, best way directly into v10.


As you have noticed, this will convert them into „new“ notes. History there should be none, because note history is AFAIK a server side feature. But the creation date will be updated, because it is not the original note that gets created, it is a new note-twin of the original note.

No easy way out, I‘m afraid - it was practically a decision taken with setting the notes to local that now shows it’s side effects.

I am not sure if you can set the status of a local notebook from local to synchronized - I doubt this is possible.

To get a filter for the original creation period, you could create a set of 12 month tags, and then another set of year tags. By sorting after creation date, and then selecting and tagging all notes from a given month with month & year, you can at least add some timeline to the notes.

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Thank you.

Sadly, it is not possible to change the status of a local notebook to synchronised (there is no option to do this in Legacy) - which would be the perfect solution if it were available. 

Using tags is, as you say, far from satisfactory as I have a very large number of notes to manually handle in this way. I took the decision to use Legacy for local notebook storage because this was always a feature of Evernote - until they changed it. I just hope that Evernote can help me in some way!

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Yes it does. If I drag the note from a Local notebook in Legacy to a Synchronised notebook in Legacy, then view the (now synchronised) note using Evernote 10.57.5 - the metadata is fully intact (which is GREAT!) BUT, instead of getting "Missing Plugin" in Legacy, I get "Untitled Attachment" instead. 

In Legacy, I can see the attachment using Presentation Mode - but 10.57.5 doesn't let see see or download the attachment at all.

using ENEX export & import, I can see the attachment, but the metadata (date created & updated) is lost.... 

NOTE: this ONLY seems to happen with .pdf's - everything else seems to work. 

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Just checked & moving notes between Synchronised notebooks works fine. It's only moving notes from Local notebooks in Legacy that have this problem - and then it is only notes with .pdf attachments (which is most of them...) that are affected. 

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I was also a local notebook user.  Early in V10 when you first installed it, it would see that you had local notebooks and ask if you wanted them moved to sync'd notebooks.    Attachments were maintained, and I "think" metadata was too.  It has been a while since I've done this, but it sounds like newer versions of V10 no longer look for local notebooks and provide this conversion option.  It might be useful to submit a help ticket.  Maybe there is an early V10 version they can point you too that will migrate your local notebooks over and then you can upgrade to the latest version.

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