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Lost vast majority of lengthy note

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I've been creating a note off and on for several hours with images and comments and when I got done with it and pasted in my final image, I noticed that the images started getting the twirling "waiting" image, when it was finally done, it seems to have rolled back to several hours ago and most of the content I had added is now gone.

Will this reappear tomorrow perhaps or is it gone for good?

It was really no longer than the majority of my notes are.


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Hi, and welcome to the forums. It is now "tomorrow," and I hope your content may have reappeared. Have you tried checking it in multiple Evernote platforms (Web, desktop app, mobile app)? It's a bit of a long shot, but it's possible that a more complete version has been saved in your note history. You need to be a paying subscriber to access that (it is maintained for all users), but it might be worth it to subscribe for just one month to get access to note history, then drop back to free.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I just logged into the website and the post is there, but all the images are circling. I have two posts now. One that only has a bit of data, and the second with everything, without the images. And they're still spiraling.

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Any time I’ve gotten the waiting sign the note won’t upload. Select all in the note and copying to a new note might work. The sync failures seem to be linked to individual notes in my experience. 

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No idea which platform and which client.

On desktop you can go to the troubleshooting section in the help menu (hold down alt/opt (Mac) before clicking on Help), and select Toggle note status. Then you see this in the bottom right corner of the EN window, and can view what the machine does while it works.



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