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(Archived) Evernote 2.5.1 RC 1 for Android

Philip Constantinou

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Hi folks -

We've published an update to the Android client, version 2.5.1 RC1. This is a bug fix release is intended to address the problems reported with 2.5. Please give this update a try and let us know if sync problems persist.

If you continue to encounter sync problems after the update then you have two options.

(1) To get your Evernote client functioning as soon as possible, you can sign out and sign back in. However,this will cause you to lose any changes that have not been uploaded. Technically savvy (and adventurous) users may want to try to mount the SD card and look in: /sdcard/Evernote/notes/ where they can find a series of subdirectories containing HTML versions of their notes. You can copy these files to your computer to recover any data.

(2) If you would like us to help diagnose the problems, please make sure you have a good network connection, select the Sync menu item from within Evernote. Once sync has completed, go to settings and press "Send Log". Put android-preview@evernote.com in the To: field.

We'll review the logs and try to find a solution.

Download the latest version of the Android beta at:


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Hi, thank you for continuous improvements.

I'm not sure since when, but I cannot open PDF attachments at least on recent a few versions. Now I've just updated to the 117205, but the situation stays as same. I have tested with three different viewers (Adobe, BeamReader, and OfficeSuite). Any solutions?


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Thank you for the report. We are not able to reproduce this. It would be very helpful if you could please let us know the steps

Where did you rename the tags in which client and was that client synched (MAC, windows or another mobile device) and what was the version

And what Android phone are you using.

Also it will be great if you could send in the logs.

Really appreciate your help to nail down the issue.

Thank you again

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I renamed one single tag, it was approx. on mid november on windows v4 version but i can't recall which version exactly (i always upgrade to the last beta or pre-release version on this platform). That client is synched.

My android phone is a Motorola Defy and at that time it was an "early" android v2 version.

I posted the issue on the forum.

Which log would you like to get ? Windows version ?

Could i try something else before ? Rename the tag with the old name, synch, rename with the new name again for example ? Get the log at each step ?


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