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JavaScript error when trying to install 10.x.x on older Windows 10 laptop

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This error has been reporteded occasionally although I'm not sure that older or Windows 10 machines were reported at the same time.

The most common resolution has been a full uninstall using Revo Uninstaller. Alternatively uninstall then delete two directories: %AppData%\Evernote and %LocalAppData%\Programs\Evernote

After that reboot the PC and reinstall.

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27 minutes ago, nutsaboutnotes said:

Thanks for the tip but alas after following these steps, the error resurfaced exactly as before.  What are the hardware requirements for an Evernote 10 install?


I don't know that Evernote has hardware requirements. Presumably anything that runs Windows 10 should run Evernote. Is it conceivable that something has gone missing in you Windows install itself?

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20 hours ago, PinkElephant said:


When it executes Win 10, it should run EN v10.

How much is your Win 10 updated ? If you don't update it regularly, you may drop out because of having Win 10, but not the actual release.

Has automatic updates turned on. Haven't checked to see if something went awry during one of them.

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My elation lasted less than 24 hours. Evernote decided to do an automatic update WHICH automatically "launched" on the next invocation of the program.  NOW, the same "java script error" appears.  Search for method to turn off auto updates produced a 2 year old suggestion that is no longer available.  What do I do now?

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