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Better Sketch abilities



Hey there Evernote team,

Ive been a user of Evernote for 6-7 years and truly love the app. Today was my first time using sketch functionality, to sketch up a wire frame of an idea I have, and unfortunately I did not have a great experience as a mac user.

I don't expect all the bells and whistles like figma or something but atleast some of the features they have. Here are a list of feature that would my experience using sketch 5x better

  • Ability to select shapes: The ability to select shapes and move them or resize them would be amazing. Currently resizing is not possible and selecting shapes requires using the knife tool and trying to trace around the object.
  • Ability to add text: ability to add text to the sketch would also be very useful.
  • Ability to add shapes: Adding shapes and resizing to fit needs is way better than trying to draw shapes and hope they come out perfect so they can get automatically fixed
  • Ability to change scroll type:  Changing the scroll for the trackpad would be amazing the opposite direction scrolling is not my preferred preference  


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