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Screen Clip Does Not Appear in Note after clipping

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It appears to be working. From a previous question, I am using Windows 10 on a PC. 10.57.5-win-ddl-public (4090)
Editor: v169.1.20965
Service: v1.68.4
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I use a keyboard shortcut to copy an area on the screen. Does that answer the question? I have changed the standard, out-of-the-box keyboard shortcut to one I can use.

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The question is are trying to use the Windows OS screen clipper or the clipper that is inside Evernote?

If the one inside Evernote, then be aware that this was broken by Microsoft with a Windows 11 update.

The best solution is to use the Windows clipper Win+Shift+S

Then paste the clip into whichever note you choose.

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Thank you. So far it is working as it used to work. There seems to be something amiss for only a few days. As for the broken issue, I am using Windows 10 still. :)

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