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Hide Completed Tasks Within Notes



I know that the View options for the Tasks section in the Sidebar allows us to toggle between showing or hiding completed tasks.  I would like this same feature WITHIN a Note.  That way I can still see which Tasks are open within a particular Note I am working on.  The little purple count in the top right corner that says, e.g., 95/104, when my mouse is hovering over the numbers, changes to a hand.  However, it is not clickable (does nothing).  So I am still left to scan the note from the top to see which tasks are open OR I can go to the Sidebar > Tasks > Notes > find that note and look at what is open (provided that I have chosen not to show the completed tasks).  This isn't too bad, but I would like to request a View option within a note (or globally) to hide completed tasks when viewing the actual Note.


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