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Keep Checkboxes and Checklists separate CLOSED


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I have use cases for both the checkbox (green X, on the Insert menu) and checklist (gray check mark plus strikethrough, on the icon bar).  

However if I add a checkbox to a line, and then hit return, the checkbox is turned into a checklist and a new checklist item is created.
Can these be kept distinct, so that hitting return at the end of a checkbox line gives a new checkbox rather than converting to a check list?

ETA: there is now an option to disable "strikethrough" on complete checklist items, which is sufficient for my needs!

(Evernote 10.54.4 on Windows 10)

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call out option that solves the pain
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Thanks for the useful feedback, Boot17.

Following through some of the discussions I see that there is an option to turn off strikethrough for checklists.  That's enough to make checklists useful.

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